Poem: So you will know…

(Previously published)

So you’ll know…

Each day begins

like this: 


I lie here

eyes open



You arise seeming spry as ever 

go to the window lower the shade 

turn and tell me you need another forty winks

and give me one merry as ever 


And I lie here 

Ever the curmudgeon waiting

for you to crawl back in bed 

and cuddle me 


When your breathing

acquires a certain tempo

I arise give you a little peck 

on whatever part is out of the covers 

I say I love you 


Umm, you say 


I get dressed 

close the door

feed the dog 

put the coffee on

remove anything that might cause a stumble


I place your walker

facing properly

next to the door

Then I set your place at the table 

so you will know where to sit

Copyright, 2017

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